Who we are

Supernova Labs, the next generation of local manufacturing hubs for space, are applying emerging technologies like 3D printing, VR, blockchain and open source design to enable citizen scientists and inventors with the tools they need to experiment and focus on Outer Space as a place to live and work.

The company is engaging with the local community and global emerging market leaders in blockchain and New Space Industry ( NewSpace) to bring the best of technology into the heart of communities. Supernova Labs has opened its first lab in Dalston UK, If you're working on NewSpace projects worldwide, please get in touch as we'd like to connect.

VR Studio

Come check out any space you can imagine in our HTC VIVE VR studio. Try painting in 3D, video games and Space themed experiences.

3D Printing

Click here to book our 3D printers. We charge per hour based on the size and settings you need to use and have a file ready to send us prior to your booking. Bookings require confirmation.

Laser Cutting

Use our laser cutter to cut wood, plastics and leather; we can also engrave metal and glass!! Click here to book. Please Check that your material is suitable for laser cutting before booking. No Poly-carbonate PVC and non laserable ply.

Meet the team

Adam Paigge


Roman Gonitel


Home to The Open Spaceplane Project

The Open Spaceplane Project is working to crowdsource a fully open source design for a fully reusable spacecraft that can fly to orbit and back in one peice.

Follow the action on openspaceplane.co or on instagram #openspaceplaneproject.

Home to Citiosis

Citiosis, the growing city...



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Come find us just off Gillett Square at

Studio 3C, Stamford Works, 3 Gillett St, London, N168JH

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